BWoF help for body corporate managers



Help for body corporate managers.

Working with body corporate management is our area of expertise

We understand body corporate managers play an important role in helping clients meet their regulatory and financial compliance requirements. Twelvea look forward to being your trusted partner in managing the BWoF process. 


You’ll love working with Twelvea!



Have a query about a BWoF or specified system but are struggling to get an answer? Our clients love being able to pick up the phone and get a reply. We’re happy to talk through any issue with you and, if the question is particularly technical, we’ll find an expert to give you professional advice. We’ll even liaise directly on your behalf when something is too complex to relay, or will meet with you on site to problem solve with an owner or tenant.


We believe in building great working relationships so we can help each other and make you look exceptional! We’ll provide you with the area of the Act or the standard that applies whenever you need that extra support in tackling more challenging issues. 

File Management

All our sites are fully documented including test sheets, maintenance records and annual reports etc. This information is always available to the body corporate, building manager, owner, auditor and whomever else you wish, 24/7 via our online portal. We collect and store all documents for two years, which is the full requirement under the Act. This removes any stress on all parties involved and will shine a light should there be any gaps in a provider’s record keeping. After all, you don’t want to be facing an audit to find this out!


Need to know the status of your BWoF at any given time? Want to find out if anyone is yet to provide you with a 12A?  Need to see if your team are up to date?  Want to know what’s on your own schedule of work? Then our client portal will assist you and give you visibility at a glance.  Items can be searched, sorted and viewed easily, providing you with clear accountability.

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Get a heads up

We all know that sometimes things can go wrong. Service agents don’t provide documentation in a timely manner, tenants install systems without your knowledge or permission, or there’s a future issue looming that you’ll need to budget for. We aren’t afraid to make that call and tell you what’s going on, because we know being in the loop helps you be an effective, efficient body corporate manager.

Our client’s love the expertise and support they get from us and you will too!