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Compliance Schedule.


Get a Compliance Schedule Check

Specified systems contribute to the proper functioning and safety of a building and include features such as lifts, fire alarms, smoke curtains and emergency lights. As part of the building consent process for a new build or alteration, a team of professionals assess what specified systems must be installed to ensure compliance is met under the Building Act and Building Code Standards.

A compliance schedule lists the specified systems in a building, and the procedures required to keep them in good working order. This includes performance standards for inspection, testing, maintenance and reporting. Once final consent has been signed off, the compliance schedule is issued with a Code of Compliance Certificate (CCC), which confirms that all building work complies with the Building Code and the building consent.

Why do I need a compliance schedule check?

It’s the building owner’s responsibility to ensure the compliance schedule is correct. However, mistakes can happen during processing, so having an independent expert like Twelvea complete a check at the final CCC stage can end up saving you both time and money. During our review we will:

  • Check the specified systems installed tally with what’s listed on the compliance schedule
  • Ensure the specified systems have been categorised correctly
  • Check a tenant’s fit-out has not added or removed required features
  • Advise you if we find anything that is not fit for purpose on a new build

Compliance schedule check - Twelvea - BWoF consultants

Twelvea are independent from installation providers and solely dedicated to the BWoF compliance process. We focus on providing guidance and help to building owners to ensure they meet the requirements of the Building Act. We have a good reputation for working with councils to comply with regulations and resolve any issues. Tonya has worked in the compliance industry for a number of years and is well regarded. During this time, she has built positive relationships with Council, Council auditors, IQPs and clients.