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The  BWoF process. 


What is a Building Warrant of Fitness?

A BWoF is an annual statement confirming that in the previous 12 months, your building’s specified systems have been inspected and maintained as required in the compliance schedule. Before a BWoF can be issued, a Form 12A for each specified system must be received from the Independent Qualified Person (IQP) who tests and inspects the relevant compliance schedule features. Failing to renew a BWoF before it expires is a breach of the Building Act 2004.

Who is responsible for building compliance?

BWoF compliance - Twelvea - AucklandAccording to the Building Act 2004, the owner of the building, not the tenant or the land owner (if different to the building owner), is responsible for building compliance. This includes:

  • Obtaining any necessary consents, approvals and certificates
  • Ensuring any building work complies with the building consent, or if there is no building consent, with the building code
  • Ensuring compliance with any notices to fix

If a building owner doesn’t comply with the Act’s requirements, they may be prosecuted or fined, and the building’s insurance coverage could also be affected. This leaves building owners vulnerable if they have passed responsibility for the BWoF renewal process onto their tenants. To protect themselves, we strongly recommend building owners stay involved in the BWoF process and have a lease agreement with clauses that specify tenants must comply with the Act.

We’ll manage the BWoF process for you

Under the Act, the building owner is responsible for submitting the BWoF to Council by the anniversary of the compliance schedule. This can only be issued if all requirements relating to testing, inspection and maintenance are complete. Twelvea are independent from maintenance and installation providers and solely dedicated to the BWoF compliance process. Our experience and expertise makes the annual BWoF process easier for building owners and body corporates. We will:

  • Liaise with the IQP for each specified system to collect and check the necessary Form 12As
  • Conduct annual passive inspections
  • Advise of defects and suggested maintenance
  • Prepare and issue the BWoF and submit paperwork to Council
  • Store BWoF paperwork in compliance with the Building Act

We can also conduct monthly owner’s inspections, organise providers for specified systems, liaise directly with building or maintenance managers, and organise small remedials with approved suppliers if required.