Having a problem with your BWoF?




Having a problem with your  BWoF


Issues with your BWoF?  Twelvea can help.

Keeping on top of all the regulations and ensuring compliance can be an involved and time consuming process. There are many things that can cause a problem during the BWoF process. We’ve received calls for help and solved many common hurdles including:

  • BWoF problem - Twelvea - BWoF consultantsCouncil is asking for an upgrade to my compliance schedule
  • My BWoF has been rejected because of a decommissioned system
  • My compliance schedule and the BWoF don’t match each other
  • The BWoF is overdue by more than 28 days, but there is still remedial work that is unresolved
  • An IQP still hasn’t completed their inspection
  • I’m having trouble understanding what needs to be done
  • I’m getting different information from the parties involved and I don’t know who to trust
  • There has been a Notice to Fix issued
  • Council is rejecting my BWoF as no owner’s checks have been done

That’s why you need an experienced BWoF agent to help!

Twelvea are experts at removing the hassle and decoding the myths surrounding the BWoF process. We’ve advised clients on:

  • When a lift requires a compliance schedule (and BWoF) and when it doesn’t
  • A prior tenancy leaving unfinalised building consents with council
  • The use of shelving in a fire escape pathway
  • Navigating a failed Code of Compliance Certificate (CCC) inspection
  • Completing compliance schedule upgrades
  • Helping developers resolve passive fire issues caused by incorrect equipment installs
  • Advising on the best course of action when wanting to change IQP’s
  • Understanding access control and when should it appear on the BWoF
  • What to do with a previously decommissioned system

Why not use our knowledge and expertise to remove the stress around compliance, it’s what our clients value us for! We’ll eliminate the uncertainty and deliver a clear outcome of how, together, we can resolve your BWoF problem.

What happens if I can’t get a Form 12A?

A Form 12A certificate is issued by an IQP to confirm that a specified system has been tested, inspected and maintained as required by the compliance schedule over the past 12 months. Your IQP may be unable to issue a certificate if, for example, they took over from another IQP part way through the year, the owner’s checks haven’t been completed or maintenance is needed which can’t be completed before the deadline.

A Report in Lieu (RIL) is a statement made to Council at the time of BWoF issuance to explain why the inspections, maintenance and reporting of a specified system haven’t been carried out as required.

Some Councils won’t allow an RIL to be signed by the IQP. They require the owner, or in some cases the owner’s agent, to sign to ensure that the person responsible is aware that their obligations under the Building Act have not been met. Note that not all Councils will accept an RIL, as they are not a prescribed form in the Building Act.

Having an RIL issued will raise a red flag for the annual renewal and may mean that Council will not accept the BWoF at all.

What if some specified systems are not consented? 

It’s important to note that adding or removing any specified system must be done with a consent. Your compliance schedule lists how many of each specified system you have, e.g. 10 air conditioning units, 3 automatic doors etc. If you add or remove any, the prescribed document that states what is in the building no longer aligns. It’s the building owner’s responsibility to ensure that they do align and that the systems comply and perform as expected. Failing to do so could leave you with a building that has no BWoF, insurance issues and is difficult to sell. The process involved to get your building back on track can be long, expensive and very stressful. This is why we always recommend applying for consent in advance. Please get in touch if you have any questions or need help.

If you have a BWoF problem, or simply want to avoid one, get in touch with the experts at Twelvea.